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Jeux de couple

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  • PumPum® Kamasutra – Couple Game With 50 Adventurous Cards

    PumPum® Kamasutra – Couple Game With 50 Adventurous Cards

    Break the bedroom routine and ignite the flames of passion with PumPum® Kamasutra! A spicy adult card game designed for couples seeking new adventures. With 50 illustrated cards featuring different positions, it promises a world of exploration and excitement. PumPum® Kamasutra doesn't tie you down with strict guidelines. Whether you shuffle and draw or casually browse through the deck, the cards are designed to inspire and excite. What to expect? Sensual journey – Dive into the sensations of each position, discovering new pleasures together. For adventurous couples – Try out new positions to add excitement and playfulness to your love life. Enhanced intimacy – Share intimate moments and feel closer than ever before. Four types of cards – Explore different categories like Oral, Face to Face, From Behind, and Exotic. Choose what feels good! What's included? This adult card game contains 50 positions and a booklet with detailed instructions. A handy checklist to track the positions you've tried and those yet to be discovered. Four languages are included. The manual in the box is in English, and the German, French, and Dutch instructions can be viewed on your phone. Let PumPum® Kama Sutra guide you through a unique journey of exploration and pleasure!


  • PumPum® Truth or Dare – Flirty Couple Game With 110 Cards

    PumPum® Truth or Dare – Flirty Couple Game With 110 Cards

    Get ready for an exciting night with PumPum® Truth or Dare – the ultimate game for couples! With 110 flirty questions and dares, you're in for an intimate journey of delightful surprises and deeper connections. The rules are simple. You and your partner take turns asking each other the famous question, "Truth or Dare?". If you choose Truth, your partner will draw a Truth card and ask you the question on it. If you go for Dare, they will draw a Dare card and challenge you to do something. The choice is yours: reveal a spicy secret or take on a flirty challenge! What to expect? 110 steamy questions and challenges – Dive deep and explore the spicy sides of your relationship. Three types of cards – From the light-hearted "Flirty", moving up to the steamy "Sensual", and dipping into the "Dirty" category for those feeling extra daring. Easy game rules – No complicated setups. Draw a card, read the prompt to your partner, and let the fun begin. Designed for fun-loving couples – Ideal for date nights or any night you want to spice things up. What's included? This card game contains 110 questions & challenges and a booklet with rules. Four languages are included: English, German, French and Dutch. Get ready for a steamy adventure and find out how far you're willing to go with PumPum® Truth or Dare!


  • PumPum® Lovebirds – Intimate Conversation Card Game for Couples with 110 Questions

    PumPum® Lovebirds – Intimate Conversation Card Game for Couples with 110 Questions

    Rekindle cherished moments. Embrace intimacy. Feel the warmth of closeness and nurture the growth of your bond with PumPum® Lovebirds. Designed for couples, this deck of 110 carefully curated questions will guide you to intriguing conversations, rekindle intimacy, and strengthen your bond. It's an ideal gift for any occasion—be it birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or Christmas. PumPum® Lovebirds helps you celebrate and deepen your relationship in a unique and meaningful way. What to expect? Meaningful Conversations – Share your thoughts and feelings with thought-provoking and inspiring questions. Deepened Connections – Discover new things about each other and strengthen your bond. Quality Time – Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, and use PumPum® Lovebirds to spend precious moments together. 5 Insightful Categories – Dive into five key areas of your relationship with categories like Connection & Growth, Relationship, Memories, Intimacy, and About You. For All Couples – Perfect for couples at every stage, whether you're just starting out or have been together for years. What's included? PumPum® Lovebirds contains 110 questions and a booklet with rules. Four languages are included: English, German, French, and Dutch. Are you ready to strengthen your relationship? Deepen your bond, one question at a time, with PumPum® Lovebirds.



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